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The temple was a meeting point of the rulers of Kolathiri Kottayam and Kadathanadu.It was here these rulers made agreements with the British East India Company.This temple had close friendship with the rulers of Kottayam and Pazhassiraja. It was the British ruler TH Babar who led the Pazhassi killing built the temple wall in 1815. The inscriptions on the temple wall is a testimony to this fact.There are two Shiva temples stand face to face with the Sree Rama temple as models of Shaiva Vishnava unification of southern ' thattakam'.The idol is consecrated in Rama Narayana concept with smiling face as 'Chathur Bhahu'. Sri Hanuman stands near to the Sreerama diety. Porkali also known as Vageeswari ,the diety of Kottayam rulers is also consecrated here in Bhagavathi concept.The other dieties,ie the upadhevathas are Dhakshinamurthy,Ganapathi,Subrahnayan and Vanasasthavu.For every devotee, heartfelt prayers are heard by Thiruvangad Perumal. Anjaneya Swami is all benevolent at the same he punishes also for wrong doings. All devathas are there to attend to the calls of devotees.Diverse traditions add to the glory of this temple.

The recently renovated large clear blue temple pond reflects the beautiful temple structures. The Vishu mahotsav is a grand event for the devotees.Thiruvangad temple festival is unique due to the number of elephants paraded and performance of different instruments.Thiruvangad temple is a meeting point of originality and grandure of our age old traditions.The temple structure which consists of wooden decorated temple body,the walls decorated by mural paintings ,the Sree Kovil with 'Swarna Thazhika Kutam' etc are in bad shape now due to old age.The renovation and conservation of the grand temple structure has to be undertaken immediately.We firmly believe that it is the duty of every devotee who has belief in our rich traditions to protect and conserve the temple and take part in its renovation.

We humbly request one and all to participate in the renovation works estimated for RS 6/- Crore and thus by earn the blessings of Thiruvangad swami and anjaneya swami.

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