Thiruvangadu Sree Rama Temple is one of the four Sree Rama temples in Kerala which is two kilometers away from Railway station,Thalassery.This temple is unique due to its historical and legendary importance.The all benevolent diety Sree Ramaswamy is known as Thiruvangad Perumal who is the supreme force of southern 'Thattakam' among the five dieties of Kolath nadu which is also known as ' Iemperumalidam'.

Devotees fervently call the diety 'Ente Thiruvangadu Perumale ' in their dire needs. The copper plated Sree kovil,the sanctum sanctorum and adjoining areas are best examples of kerala temple architectural arts also known as 'vaasthu kala'.The temple structure is rich in traditional classic wood works and mural paintings.These wood crafts are based on poetic imageries of the epic Ramayana.These wood crafts are best example of kerala wood craft tradititons.

This temple idol is believed to be consecrated and installed by the great saint Parasuraman.But legends say that the temple was installed by Swetha Muni, the desciple of Agasthya Muni.The sanscrit translation of thiruvangad is 'Swetharanya puram' which originated from the name of Swethamuni

Another opinion is that Swetha kethu,the great shaiva upanishath guru is the swethamuni in the legends.This temple has a unique place in the socio political history of north Kerala.

We humbly request one and all to participate in the renovation works estimated for RS 6/- Crore and thus by earn the blessings of Thiruvangad swami and anjaneya swami.

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